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DAY 1 – Sept. 16th, 2020

Doing Business in Cyprus & the Eastern Med Oil and Gas Industry

Developments in the offshore exploration of oil and gas assets in Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean are rarely far from the headlines in recent times. As the impact of COVID-19 continues to be felt on the global markets, Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean as the latest frontier energy hub remains an area of active E&P activity.

Often overlooked, it is the practicalities of entering frontier markets that cause the most difficulties – from investment avenues to corporate strategies, license bidding, HSE, CSR, employment law & recruitment as well as the importance of uniform technical standards, the hurdles to overcome market entry remain numerous.

This webinar will explore all of these issues and more, watch the video and download the presentations to arm you with the practical tools to effectively operate in Cyprus and the wider region.




Ashutosh Shastri

Enerstrat Consulting






Luciano Scataglini

Global Senior Knowledge Owner

Eni spa – HSEQ




Costas V. Katsaros

Vice President

Italian-Cypriot Chamber of Commerce




Andrea Montanaro

Project Leader





Jarno Dakhorst

Consultant Energy & Biobased Economy

NEN | Netherlands Standardization Institute



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PANEL WEBINAR 14 October 2020

Post Covid Transition to Cleaner Energy – the Eastern Med Perspectives

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PANEL WEBINAR 25 November 2020

Focus on Cyprus Energy Industry  Facts & Challenges

Outlook for Cyprus with CHC and international operators

PANEL WEBINAR 16 December 2020

What Does 2021 Hold for the Eastern Mediterranean Basin?

Look at 2020-21 plans for infrastructure and E&P developments in the region with an assessment of the corporate outlook / supply-demand in 2021

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DAY 1 – July 29th, 2020

The Outlook for the Oil and Gas Industry in the Mediterranean – 2020 & beyond


With the global economy reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic, no industry has been hit as hard as the Oil & Gas sector. With a rapid decline in US & EMEA hydrocarbon demand, many projects have been severely impacted by the record drop in crude oil prices.

Many frontier E&P projects retain a profitability margin in excess of $60 per barrel and with a sluggish outlook for demand recovery, many operators are consolidating existing projects as opposed to maintaining plans to explore in frontier basins. The Eastern Mediterranean is no exception and this free-of-charge webinar will assess the following the key issues facing key stakeholders in the region.


Ashutosh Shastri

Enerstrat Consulting (Moderator)

With a global view of the gas and hydrocarbon markets, Ashutosh will be not only moderating the panel but providing insight into the key drivers in global natural gas supply-demand dynamics, an outlook for the gas industry and project viability into 2021.



Yannis Bassias

Former CEO HHRM, Hellenic Hydrocarbon Resources Management S.A.

Yannis will be providing the strategic outlook for the Eastern Mediterranean as well as providing a critical assessment of the impact of COVID-19 on project development.



Presented by Nicholas Cobb, Conference Manager

on behalf of Dr Ahmed Sultan, Head of Petrophysics Department

Tharwa Petroleum Corporation

Dr Sultan is a specialist in on and offshore oil and gas industry of Egypt and the South Eastern Mediterranean, his presentation will provide a detailed overview of the current and planned projects taking place in the region.


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