EMC 2021 online sessions can be attended free of charge.

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However an upgraded registration option is available for those who wish to get the highest level of networking with industry peers and colleagues.
The upgraded registration costs € 250 + vat if due, and it includes: listening to all webinar series (live questions to speakers included in ZOOM systems); attendee list for each webinar (name, company) GDPR compliance; up to 3 meetings requests with selected attendees; 20% reduction on delegate registration at next in-presence event (EMC 2021 10/12 Nov. 2021); 20% reduction on space rate for exhibiting space at next in-presence event.


Speaking requests are subject to the evaluation and approval of the EMC Steering Committee to guarantee full compliance with EMC general guidelines and contents.

For information please contact conference@emc-cyprus.com or visit the CONFERENCE page.

Digital webinars we await to see you all!


EMC 2021/5 –  Wednesday October 13th

The Outlook for Renewable Energies in the Eastern Mediterranean

11.00-12.00 EET

Assessing the outlook for renewable energies in the wider region, this webinar will explore every facet of renewables in the Eastern Mediterranean region. Covering offshore wind, hydrogen and solar the webinar will deep dive into a strategic outlook for commercial and operator stakeholders alike.

EMC 2022/6 – Wednesday January 19th

2021 in Review – The Outlook for the Offshore Hydrocarbon Industry in the Eastern Mediterranean

11.00-12.00 EET

This expert led panel will assess the year ahead outlook for the offshore hydrocarbon industry in the Eastern Mediterrean. Join us to assess the outlook for upcoming projects regulation and policy.

EMC 2022/7 – Wednesday February 9th

Creating Energy Security for the State of Israel – The Outlook for Offshore Israeli Gas Industry

11.00-12.00 EET

Having recently discovered significant offshore natural gas and hydrocarbon deposits in recent years, the new discoveries look set to help ensure the State of Israel’s energy security.
This insightful and unique webinar will assess the key challenges to developing what is, to all extents and purposes a relatively new energy industry. The webinar will help map out the on and offshore Israeli energy industry as well as critically assess the future role of Israel in the regional dynamics of the Eastern Mediterranean’s oil and gas industry.

EMC 2022/8 – Wednesday March 23rd

The Eastern Mediterranean Oil & Gas Sector in the Wider Context

11.00-12.00 EET

No industry acts in isolation and whilst we have focussed exclusively on the Eastern Mediterranean, this webinar will assess the latest discoveries in the context of the wider region. Covering hydrocarbon discoveries in the Mediterranean region, the webinar will provide a strategic outlook for industry and other stakeholders alike.

EMC 2022/9 – Wednesday April 27th

Focus on Greece – The Outlook for On & Offshore Greek E&P

11.00-12.00 EET

As an energy gateway to European markets, Greece is leading partner in the rapidly developing frontier Eastern Mediterranean Basin. With a range of developed and planned on and offshore hydrocarbon assets, the untapped E&P potential for Greece remains strong.
Join us for this entirely unique ‘deep dive’ assessment of the untapped potential for the Greek hydrocarbon industry as well as the commercial and regulatory considerations for those looking to enter the market.

EMC 2022/10 – Friday May 27th

Focus on Offshore Lebanon – The Outlook for On & Offshore Lebanese Developments

11.00-12.00 EET

Centrally located in the epicentre of developments in the Eastern Mediterranean, Lebanon has a range of untapped on and offshore hydrocarbon resources. This unique webinar will explore the commercial, policy and operational / project opportunities in Lebanon.

We are currently in the process of inviting speakers – the full line-up of speakers will be announced shortly!

For information please contact exhibition@emc-cyprus.com or conference@emc-cyprus.com