Getting around by air

Burg al-Arab Airport, about 45km southwest of Alexandria, handles all international and domestic flights in and out of the city. Most services are to/from the Arabian Peninsula and North African destinations.

Smaller Nouzha Airport, 7km southeast, has been shut for renovation since 2011. When it reopens, it’s likely that domestic flights will be re-routed there.

To & From the Airport

Bus Transport to Burg al-Arab Airport is via the air-conditioned airport bus – one-way E£6, plus E£1 per bag, one hour – leaving from outside the Cecil Hotel on Midan Saad Zaghloul three hours before all flight departures; confirm the exact bus departure time at the Cecil. You can also catch bus 475 (E£4, one hour) from Misr Train Station.

Taxi A taxi to/from the airport should cost between E£100 and E£150.


Getting around by land


The main bus station is Al-Mo’af al-Gedid Bus Station. It’s several kilometres south of Midan Saad Zaghloul; to get there either catch a microbus from Misr Train Station (E£2) or grab a taxi from the city centre (E£25).

The main companies operating from here are West & Mid Delta Bus Co and Super Jet; both have central city booking offices, though Super Jet’s is inconveniently in Sidi Gaber.

Go Bus services leave from a separate terminal close by Al-Mo’af al-Gedid. Their ticket booking office is near Midan Saad Zaghloul.

Bus Services Up The North Coast


Most bus services to Marsa Matruh can drop you off in El Alamein (one hour) or Sidi Abdel Rahman; you will have to pay the full Marsa Matruh fare though. A couple daily of West & Mid Delta’s Marsa Matruh services continue on to Sallum (E£70, nine hours), on the border with Libya. Check at the bus office, as the schedule tends to change.



There are two train stations in Alexandria. The main terminal is Misr Train Station, about 1km south of Midan Ramla. Sidi Gaber Train Station serves the eastern suburbs. Trains from Cairo stop at Sidi Gaber first and most locals get off here, but if you’re going to the city centre around Midan Saad Zaghloul, make sure you stay on until Misr Train Station.

At Misr Train Station, 1st- and 2nd-class tickets to Cairo are sold at the ticket office along platform 1; 3rd- and 2nd-class tickets to destinations other than Cairo are purchased in the front hall

If you’re getting a taxi from the station, it’s advisable to bypass the drivers lurking outside the entrance as they’re renowned for overcharging new arrivals – instead walk out on to the street and flag one down.


There are no working taxi meters in Alexandria. Locals simply pay the correct amount as they get out of the taxi. Negotiate a price before you get in.
Some sample fares are: Midan Ramla to Misr Train Station E£10; Midan Saad Zaghloul to Fort Qaitbey E£5; Midan Saad Zaghloul to the Bibliotheca Alexandrina E£10; Hotel Cecil to Montazah E£25.

Want to travel like the locals? Hop on a microbus. The most useful are the ones zooming along the Corniche. There are no set departure points or stops, so when one passes, wave and shout your destination; if it’s heading that way it will stop to pick you up. It costs anywhere from 50pt for a short trip to E£2 to go all the way to Montazah.

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