Conference Speaker Presentation Submissions

Firstly the EMC team would like to thank you for your support of EMC 2020! It is looking to be a great event and your (approved only) submissions will make the event a great success. Please see below a number of presentation guidelines and parameters as well as some helpful tips! For all queries please contact the team on +39 06 30883030 or Nic Cobb on +44(0)7541350439 / 

KEY SPEAKER INFORMATION: Due to the unprecedented & ongoing CORVID-19 outbreak the event has been moved to September 7-9. Our formal announcement can be found here but we are currently in the process of reconfirming the programme speakers – We apologise for any inconvenience but will be adding new speakers, topics and formats for the September show. To ensure that we have all speaker presentations and submissions live for the day we will require your biography (word format), photograph and completed presentation by Friday 24h July 2020. 


Depending on the session, oral presentation lasts 15 -20 minutes maximum, followed by 5 minutes of questions-answers. It may seem a long time, but when you are in front of your audience you may realize it is not, therefore we have prepared these guidelines to help you to maximize the effects of your presentation!

First of all, we suggest you to have an introduction to attract the attention of the audience, followed by the main points of your work and end your presentation summarizing what you’ve just said.

Try to speak loud and keep eye contact with the audience. If you are not familiar with oral presentations, it may be a good idea to time yourself and make sure you keep within the time slot given.

On the day of your presentation, your session Chairperson will meet you for a briefing to finalise details.

EMC conference team is at your disposal for any assistance or request, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question!



  • Presentations should be created with Microsoft Office 2010 – 2013 or 2016, and saved in PPT – PPTX – PPS – PPSX format only.
  • Please do not use OpenOffice or Apple Keynote as these formats may generate problems in Windows systems
  • All computers available at the conference will run Office and have the more common video codecs.
  • The Videos sould be copied to the same folder as the presentation, even if they are integrated into the ppt file (powerpoint 2010/2013/2016). Accepted video formats: .WMV; If using other video formats ( AVI, MPG, MP4, MOV, etc.) you are requested to deliver the presentation to the Speakers’ Help Desk at least 3 hours before your presentation is scheduled, in order to have time to check or convert your videos with the IT staff – they will help for any technical problem!
  • Please avoid patented codecs as they may generate problems with Windows
  • We suggest to use standard Windows fonts, if you are using using other fonts remember to copy them to the same folder as the presentation otherwise windows will change them!
  • You are required to deliver a back up copy of your presentation on CD/DVD or pen drive, windows hard disk 2 hours before your presentation at the Speakers’ Help Desk
  • A laptop will be at you disposal for your presentation, our IT people will set it for your presentation to run in the proper way, we ask you to please do not use your own laptop because IT team would not have enough time to set all personal laptops in the correct way and this will generate dealys in the presentations.


  • Your work must be saved in PowerPoint format PPT/PPTX
  • We suggest to use standard Windows fonts, if you are using using other fonts remember to copy them to the same folder as the presentation otherwise windows will change them!
  • Videos incorporated in the presentation: please select the option “Quick Time” to save them as MP4. You are requested to check compatibility at the Speakers’Help Desk at least 3 hours before your presentation. If your using MOV videos please report to the Speakers’ help desk at least 3 hours before presentation time in order to convert the file and test it accordingly.
  • Videos must be copied to the same folder as the power point presentation, even if integrated in PowerPoint 2011.
  • Accepted picture file formats: .JPG, .GIF.; If using a different format, you are requested to bring your Mac laptop to the Speakers’ Help Desk at least 3 hour before your presentation is scheduled, to check or convert your picture with the IT staff. Our IT team will give you any assistance to run your presentation in the proper way!


There is no slide template for your presentation however some technical features are required.

  • Slides should be in landscape (horizontal) layout, and sized to standard settings 4:3, make sure these settings are identified at the beginning of your work as changing the size later will change the proportion of text boxes and images.
  • Prepare no more than 15 slides per presentation
  • We suggest to keep the slides neat and simple, not to write too much text as it will be difficult to read it on the wall screens
  • We have prepared some useful tips for you to make an effective presentation, we invite you to read the attached file and hope it will be useful!


Speakers are requested to upload their presentations by 24th July 2020 by email to

We invite you not to use other email address, as the recipients may not be able to properly save your presentation. The indicated deadline is mandatory for the inclusion of your paper in the EMC 2020 Proceedings Collection, that will be delivered to each conference attendee on a USB pendrive or other electronic memory device.

Presentations are named as follows:

Paper Speaker ’s surname _name_company_

EXAMPLE: Stevenson_John_BP

The organiser will send to authors their Paper Reference Number by email. If more than one paper is submitted then a paper title will be added.


There is no mouse at the podium; there is a remote control to forward and back, together with a laser pointer; having no mouse, videos must be started automatically and no external hyperlinks are allowed.

The lecture management system is based on two connected computers:

  1. The Controller Computer, where presentations are loaded
  2. The Podium Computer in the conference room.

The IT staff will launch presentations from the controller computer and the Speaker is free to control all common Power Point functions (transitions, backward, forward, etc.). In case assistance is needed, it is provided from the remote controller computer.

IT staff will be always available in the conference rooms to address any issue that might arise.


In case of doubt as regards the technical specifications above, please contact EMC Papers Office as soon as possible:

We recommend you to bring a back up copy of your presentation on on CD-Rom/DVD-Rom or USB pendrive and check with EMC IT Staff located at the Speakers’ Help Desk that your presentation has been properly received and recorded.