Safety FIRST @ EMC!

We are committed to providing you with a safe environment to do business, in accordance with all the health & safety guidelines set out by the local authorities. The event will be delivered with strict standards of health & safety precautionary measures including temperature screening, social distancing, contactless transactions and hygiene protocols at all times.

Our commitment is to deliver an exceptional live in-person event which will be held respecting a safety programme designed to protect all participants, colleagues, exhibitors, visitors, delegates and contractors.

Our programme of enhanced measures will ensure the health and wellbeing of our participants is prioritized and provide reassurances to all who visit our events, that they are in a safe environment.


Wearing of masks at all times Keep 2 meters social distancing guideline Contactless temperature screening  Contactless transactions are encouraged



A Covid-19 safety statement is required to access all EMC buildings (exhibition hall and conference rooms) therefore at the check in gate all participants will be required to show their safe pass which can be one of the following:

  • Certificate of vaccination
  • Bill of health from Covid-19 in last 6 months
  • PCR test (made in the last 72 hours)
  • Rapid test (made in the last 72 hours)

Please make sure to have one of these statements ready to show at the entrance to speed up procedures and get quick access to the venue.

Should you need to do a rapid test, the nearest place to the EMC venue is at the European University of Cyprus (Graduation platform) next to the cafeteria, open from 9 am to 6 pm. Pharmacies also carry out rapid tests, please check the closest to your hotel. The test cost varies from € 5,00 to € 15,00.



Cyprus has introduced the country categorization of the European Centre of Disease and Control (ECDC), which classifies countries into green, orange or red categories. If your are traveling to Cyprus from abroad, whether you are a Cypriot citizen or not, or whether you are traveling from a EU member state or not (outside Shengen) you can find here updated information about required specific containment measures.

We also invite you to check  Cyprus Flight Pass – Country Categorization.



We will encourage online registration for all participants in order to minimize onsite activities in the registration area. That effort will reduce queues at the entrance and will allow participants to enjoy a safe and enhanced experience where their time onsite is maximized for effectiveness.



A prescribed flow through event venues will help attendees to safely maintain social distancing requirements. Entrances and exits will follow the same one-way traffic according to the logical flow. These traffic flows allow for proper spacing to be maintained and easily monitored, all of which contributes to our enhanced healthy and safety standards.



We will facilitate visitors’ attendance during a designated time slot in order to evenly spread the attendance and to allow adherence to social distancing guidelines and minimize contacts. Controls over the maximum number of visitors can also be set. By staggering admission each audience can enjoy a safer and more seamless experience.

Our exhibitors can enjoy full, productive days throughout the event. Our visitors can plan their time in advance and have the option to reduce their costs and travel if desired. Predictable and traceable audience patterns also gives us better insights into attendee flow.

EMC will work with suppliers to provide options for visitor shuttles between venue, hotels, and transportation hubs to reconfigure to ensure social distancing is maintained.



EMC will assist contractors in the stands build up and dismantling follow social distancing, hygiene and cleaning guidance. Soon we will provide some further information about exhibitor freight, personnel, shared equipment, appropriate, protective clothing and high touch point areas, which will help minimize risk at EMC.



With recommended density and seating arrangements for a variety of room sets, all conference, tech-talk and break room seating will follow distancing guidance. EMC will provide hands-free technology where possible in addition to streaming sessions to virtual attendees to aid in the facilitation of sharing information. Rooms will be sanified between sessions.



EMC recommends the elimination of handshakes at gatherings in accordance with government guidance. On-site signage and announcements will reinforce the recommendation in effort to prioritize everyone’s health and safety.



Venues and catering partners will look to provide food served pre-packaged or in closed containers. Indoor seating areas will be eliminated, outdoor seating areas will be set up guaranteeing social distancing, and in order to minimize contacts around transactions it will be required the usage of contactless payments.



EMC will offer a visible, enhanced cleaning regime and cleaners are offered protective clothing. There will be an increased focus on including restrooms, food and beverage areas and common service or help points.

With instructions and guidelines of how to regularly disinfect their exhibition stands, exhibitors can contribute to our full plan of micro and macro cleaning efforts. The elimination of physical materials in favour of sharing promotional items physically can also contribute to sustainability efforts in addition to minimizing risk and contact between people.

We will position hand sanitizer stations at key locations throughout our events, including restrooms, food and beverage locations, and conference rooms, and the regular use will be encouraged to all visitors and exhibitors.

The collection and removal of waste receptacles will be increased during events in order to minimize risk. Specific waste bins for mask disposal will also be provided and clearly identified, with a proposed schedule to regularly disinfect the waste receptacles themselves.



EMC will ask for face coverings to be worn by each person entering the event space. It is compulsory to wear face coverings in all indoor and outdoor spaces. Social distancing and hygiene are primary measures.

EMC will include separation screens in areas of interaction. This measure to physically separate and increase distance between people will contribute to the health and safety of all attendees.



EMC will increase number of First Aid stations located throughout the event with enhanced medical support available. First Aid stations offer enhanced support by local medical authorities and personnel. While at an event, signage will indicate where to go for expert medical attention in the event of any illness.


For any request please feel free to contact or