2011-2020: Egypt – An energy dream come true

Egypt is getting closer to becoming a regional energy hub, exporting its excess production of natural gas and facilitating exports from neighbouring countries. It has also embarked on several projects connecting the electricity grids of Arab, African, and European countries.

The situation was completely different a few years ago, when millions of people were affected by recurring power cuts resulting from the national grid’s inability to meet rising demand due to a lack of maintenance and outdated power plants. The peak was in 2013, when maximum power-generation capacities reached about 30,000 Megawatts (MW), which was not enough to meet local demand.

The problem was augmented by difficulties finding the needed fuel for power plants. The National Centre for Power Control reported in 2013 that the national grid was losing more than 4,000 MW of its capacity as a result of fuel shortages.

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